Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lebron DUNKED!!! On

For a guy known to be a comedian, he sure seems like the type that can't laugh at himself. You can't take yourself too seriously Lebron. Since being a sore loser and not even shaking hands and congratulating his Olympic teammate, Howard, Lebron has given us so much evidence showing how much he really just cares about himself. I guess we should have been tipped off, when he barely tipped off those poor waiters and bus boys on his late night dinner and drinking with friends at a restaurant a little over a year ago.

This past Monday evening at his own skills camp, Lebron got dunked on by a college sophomore Jordan Crawford of Xavier. A photographer present at the camp said he others were able to video tape the pick up game without incident until moments after Lebron got it in his FACE!!! Supposedly, after the dunk Lebron called over a Nike Exec who then started confiscating the evidence of this playground humiliation.

Lebron James is so conscious of his self image, and must think so much of himself that while in the middle of a heated basketball game, he can stop to think of the possibility of the dunk airing on youtube that he stopped the game to ensure that no evidence of the dunk will be seen outside that gym. It makes you wonder what goes through James' mind during important basketball games with the Caveliers. Is he thinking team, or himself? The fact that he tries to play GM and keeps alluding to a move to NY, makes me think it's the ladder. Your fans have been absolutely loyal to you. While yes, you play your ass off on the court, outside of that, you aren't very loyal to them.

One more thing, why hide the dunk? It's not like it's never happened before. Sometimes when you try so hard to save yourself from humiliation, you expose yourself to even more than you would have received. So Lebron James, you need to take a seat on the bench, have a timeout, and think about your actions


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