Thursday, July 2, 2009

...and here we go

For most things in life, the best time to start is always now. So that applies to this blog as well. Why not just get started now. Baseball is pretty exciting and Manny-wood for those who care is coming back. Will his performance decline like all the other roiders a la A-Rod. Speaking of declines, NBA free agency just started and when everything is said and done will our opinion of Mitch Kupchak rise or fall?

Shaq goes to Cleveland, Vince to Orlando, Gordon and "contract year" Charlie goes Motown, Yao will remain injured, and now we wonder where Ariza and Artest are going. Ariza wants money and Mitch is smart not to overpay. I'm sure someday Ariza will be as good if not better than Artest, but right now Ariza will give the Lakers a 90% chance of winning it all again next year, while Artest would give them a 99% chance of winning it all the next 2 years. Either way they'll get millions.

The NFL's new crop of millionaires are about to spend some time relaxing and honing their skills before the start of training camp in the NFL. My question is will Viva Sanchez live up to his hype and will Stafford remind us that he was the #1 overall pick. Yawn... I've personally never seen a 5th pick over shadow the 1st pick. It's like a guy who's never worn a Viking uniform overshadow the guy that's been fighting in purple for so long. It's okay Tavaris, if they don't love you, I'm sure your mother does.

Uggh.. Argghh. Eeeyaaa.. They should seriously start putting those "bam" "boom" "pow" signs on women's tennis as they did in those old batman television shows. I don't think it's a bad thing. Now two things stand out in women's tennis. The grunting and short skirts. There is nothing wrong with it. Don't try to hate on Sharapova and her followers. Can you name any other sport where the women get as much if not more attention than their male counterparts. Maybe Stern should send a memo to all his WNBAers to start grunting as well.

For now I'll send all the Federer haters to the bench! Sit down! Federer dismantled the guy who beat Nadal in the French. This year's win in the Wimbledon isn't washed down just because Nadal is not in the tournament. Just the fact that you already expect Federer to win Wimbledon just shows you know he is the absolute best we've ever seen hold a tennis racket. Do fans and critics expect Nadal to make it to every grand slam final? No! But we always just assume Federer will always be there in the end. Now that's dominance. Twenty one straight grand slam semifinals. Are you kidding me? That is crazy good.

Not a lot of benching on this one :) Trying to play nice. That won't last long.


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